Monday, November 26, 2007


I realize this isn't an argument, or even a valid point of comparison between the two politicians. They just seem strikingly similar to me in so many ways, and the Romney picture this morning kind of jumped out at me. Funny, huh?

In other news, Oprah is now going to campaign for Barack Obama. Um? This is a recommendation?

And no, I'm not awake enough to post anything substantive at this point in the morning.


Heather said...

What, that they're both half-brothers of Lurch?

Will said...

Eh, Romney is a much, much better speaker.

Shaun Connell said...

::chuckles:: That's great. :P

Night-Song said...

I'm with Will on the speaker comment. All else, though, wow. Good, albeit trite, comparison. :-)