Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Farm Bill Update

The Farm Bill passed yesterday, 79-14. This is disappointing, but unsurprising. The margin in the Senate shows that the threatened Bush veto would be fruitless, as there are easily enough votes to override there. The president, on the other hand, continues to display his newfound sense of fiscal responsibility in opposition to the Farm Bill. No word on whether Vice President Cheney, as a member of neither the executive nor the legislative branch, will be able to pull anything out of his sleeve.

The FRESH Act was rejected on the 12th, 37-58.

I'm trying to find the names of the senators who opposed the Farm Bill and supported the FRESH Act, but so far all I have is an email from Senator Boxer in response to my email to her. We'll see what happens when my research skills return from wherever they're hiding.

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Anonymous said...

It sucks...but oh well.