Thursday, January 10, 2008

For any Ron Paul fans still out there...

I doubt you're reading this site, but if you are, read this article. Then this one. Then decide if you can endorse someone of that moral caliber (hint: low, makes a pellet rifle look like a hand cannon).

For those of you who dislike Dr. Paul, now you have something more to show your friends who support him.

And lastly, if you don't like a presidential candidate, why not confront him or her with real issues? Like this one? I have a hard time imagining FOX leveling these accusations with any real credibility, but that says more about them and their motivation for excluding Dr. Paul from debates than anything else.


Ionic_angel said...

I suggest reading the comments, too. They suggest that even worse than voting for Ron Paul would be letting the average person vote.

Ionic_angel said...

Of course, come to think of it...why are you attacking RP anyway? That's like shooting a dead dog. Seriously, how about an analysis of...say, Mit Romney, more than one comparing faces? That'd be much more interesting, IMHO.